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2009 NC/SC/VA Corvette Caravan

2009 NC/SC/VA Corvette Caravan

We gathered at Hendrick Chevrolet in Cary to begin the Caravan to Bowling Green with overnight stops in Concord, NC and Sevierville, TN before reaching the Corvette Mecca which is Bowling Green, KY on Thursday September 3.

The Wake County Sheriff’s Department was kind enough to give us an escort out of town to the county line with their big, black and very bad Z06.   Many thanks to Sheriff Harrison and Deputy Harding for the kind treatment.

14 Corvettes from the Triangle, Sanford and Wilmington headed south on I-85 & I-40, picking up Pete along the way and made it to Concord just after noon.  We found the party had already started in the parking lot of the Hampton Inn and we fell right in.  A quick bite of lunch and we were off to Lowe’s Motor Speedway for some hot laps.

We formed up at the track, got some quick instructions, did the group picture and off we went!  Many thanks to the Queen City Corvettes for all their good work at the track.

After everyone had their laps (and got their adrenaline charged heartbeats back to normal) we all headed back to the Hampton for some dinner and comparison of notes of the day’s activities.  Mostly, it was ‘HOW FAST DID YOU GO???’

Here are a few pictures of the day’s events for your viewing pleasure. 

[nggallery id=2]

There are many more pictures to see by clicking on the Flickr sidebar on the homepage of the web site and then selecting the Caravan sets shown on the right side of the web page.  Have fun!

Wednesday morning saw almost 150 cars heading south on I-85 from Charlotte into South Carolina for a lunch stop in Landrum.  By this time were drawing quite a bit of attention with folks taking pictures on the road, from the road side and even a friend from the Cross Flags Corvette Club in Spartanburg shooting video as we headed towards our lunch stop! (Thanks, Marc)  We even had two, count ‘em, two news helicopters monitoring our movements through SC. 

Here is a link to the video from WSPA in Spartanburg:

The folks in the deli at the Ingle’s grocery did a great job handling a horde of hungry Corvette drivers and passengers.  After a quick (relatively) bite of lunch, we were off to Sevierville, TN.  The drive through SC, back into NC and then into  TN was a beautiful one.  Once we all got to the hotels in Sevierville,  a great BBQ dinner was put on for us by Buddy’s BBQ with hand dipped ice cream sundaes supplied by Marble Slab Creamery.  Yumm!

Thursday started very early with a driver’s meeting at 7:15am in anticipation of a 7:30am departure for Bowling Green.  Excitemeent was building and everyone was anxious to get on the road.  Unfortunately, we had to wait a bit for the local police to arrive to shepherd us out of the parking lot and side roads in order to get us on the interstate in mostly one big group. 

After leaving I-40 in Lebanon, TN,  we headed north to Bowling Green on some of the smaller roads.   We got a nice tast of the countryside in rural TN and KY thanks to Frank picking this route.  The KY state police picked us up at the border in one of their Corvettes and paced us all the way into Bowling Green.  We stopped for a quick rest at the Harley Davidson dealership at I-65 in BG to get all of the clubs and groups lined up together and then it was off to tour the town ahead of our arrival at the National Corvette Museum.  We got a great reception as we crised en masse around the museum grounds with folks waving, taking pictures and generally making us feel welcome.  The parking lots were full of Corvettes, the grounds were full of Corvettes, the roads were full of Corvettes and it was a stirring sight! 

Many thanks need to be given to Frank, Laura and all of the other volunteers who made this a wonderful, efficiently run amd most important of all, fun trip!

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